The British have always had a massive love affair with movies and have produced numerous magazines on the subject since the days of Pictures and the Picturegoer, Picture Show, Photoplay, Film Review and Cinema X. There are still a lot of movie mags available in mainstream stores and newsagents but most of these are either empty-headed glossies covering new releases (Empire, Total Film) or overly serious publications that can sometimes feel a little inaccessible to the casual (or even the fanatical) film fan ( Little White Lies, So Film). So I was more than a little excited to hear that husband and wife writing team Dawn and Jonathon Dabell had decided to publish their very own movie magazine using many of the cast and crew from exemplary genre publications Space Monsters and We Belong Dead!

Multitude Of Movies (or MoM for short) is a magazine created by film lovers (and married couple) Dawn and Jonathon Dabell. It is a quarterly publication, which aims to celebrate and review movies from any language, genre and era. Each issue is full of retrospective reviews and articles about films, as well as specially commissioned artwork, overviews of actors, actresses, directors, etc.

First and foremost it is a magazine By movie lovers For movie lovers. Writers and artists from all corners of the globe contribute to it, discussing films you love, films you hate,films you’ve seen many times and films you’ve never even heard of. The aim of the mag, above all else, is to talk film and it’s put together with love and dedication to the cinematic art-form.

The magazine is available in a print format as well as digital. The print edition obviously gives you that wonderful sensation of having a real magazine in your hands and in years to come when it becomes collectible you’ll have a potentially valuable hard copy in your possession. But of course the interior is black and white. The advantage of the digital edition is that it is full colour throughout and is delivered to your PC in seconds.  Either way Dawn and Jonathon hope you get hold of a copy of this exciting magazine and get great joy from its pages for many years to come!

And if you happen to be in the city of Brighton in the UK then pop into Cosmo’s Toys & Collectibles as they are the ONLY shop in Brighton to sell this excellent film magazine (along with Space Monsters, We Belong Dead, Monster Mag and the Official Caroline Munro Poster Magazine)!




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Space Monsters

collage spacemonsters 4

Great news for monster fans! Space Monsters magazine issue 4 is being offered on for an amazing low price of £4.50 (plus shipping) for a limited period only! They deliver worldwide so whether you’re in Tokyo or Texas, Sydney or Sidcup you won’t miss out on your favourite classic sci-fi magazine!

Issue 4 is a Godzilla and Giant Monster Movies Special and also includes the first of horror star Caroline Munro‘s exclusive column The Caroline Munro Diaries! Contents also include Logan’s Run, King Kong, Hammer’s Frankenstein films, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Space:1999, The Land That Time Forgot and much, much more!

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Scars of Dracula (1970)

Scars_of_Dracula poster

Scars of Dracula (1970)

The evil Count Dracula is revived from a pile of ash by the blood of a vampire bat and lurks menacingly in his creepy castle. His hunchback assistant keeps him company alongside a buxom wench and a string of unwanted visitors so at least he never gets bored. The villagers warn strangers not to go near Dracula’s castle at night but no-one listens so they all trudge up the mountain to meet their doom.

Scars of Dracula was Hammer Films sixth Dracula movie and the fifth to star Christopher Lee. It marked a distinct change of style for Hammer as it ups the gore, sex and sadism considerably in an obvious attempt to appeal to a younger, modern audience. It was shown as part of a double bill with Horror of Frankenstein on its original cinema release, which was a failed attempt to reboot Hammer’s Frankenstein franchise as a more sexually explicit black comedy. At least Scars of Dracula kept both the star (Christopher Lee) and the old school gothic trappings of their earlier Dracula films rather than trying too hard at contemporising the series and undermining the iconic character with out-of-place humour and cheap vulgarity.

That is not to say that Scars of Dracula doesn’t have its faults; the giant rubber bat bounces from scene to scene unconvincingly and the storyline does have rather a “been there, done that” feel. But on the whole this is a rather underrated little film with some good performances, top notch Hammer Glamour (in the shapely forms of Jenny Hanley and Anouska Hempel) and a strong atmosphere of corruption and decay.

Review by Richard Gladman


francoise-pascal semi naked

There’s a special treat in store for fans of seventies classic horror, sitcoms and sexploitation when the gorgeous Françoise Pascal makes a special guest appearance at the London Film Memorabilia Convention on Saturday 26th January.

Taking place at Central Hall, Westminster from 10am – 5pm this is the perfect place for meeting fellow fans of cult film and television nostalgia as well as for stocking up on all those amazing collectibles! These world renowned events have been running since the early seventies and I have been lucky enough to meet David Warner, Sylvia Sims, Barbara Shelley, Caroline Munro, Linda Hayden and the late Ingrid Pitt at these shows over the years.

Françoise Pascal is remembered for her starring role in seventies sitcom Mind Your Language as English-language student Danielle Favre  and appeared in classic horror films Incense For The Damned AKABloodsuckers (1970), Burke and Hare (1972) and The Iron Rose (1973). Pascal is launching her autobiography As I Am and is looking forward to meeting and talking to her fans so pop along on the 26th and don’t be shy!  Also, look out for an excellent interview with Ms. Pascal in issue 3 of Bedabbled!magazine. 

Coming up on Saturday 9th March is a special Cult and Classic TV day – definitely something to look forward to!

Francoise Pascal As I Am