A community of classic horror fans set up to raise awareness of older horror, sci-fi and fantasy movies and to promote their screenings on free-to-air television. We also aim to educate and inform young people about the old monster movie classics so as to to preserve our cultural heritage for years to come.

We publish Space Monsters magazine and Space Monsters Poster Magazine for both lifelong classic horror fans and newcomers to the genre.

Space Monsters is dedicated to classic sci-fi, fantasy and monsters in movies and television from the black and white silent era through to the colourful early eighties! 80 black and white A5 pages with full colour front and back covers packed with the very best movies and TV shows from a bygone era.  Featuring features, reviews and artwork from top artists and writers as well as celebrity columnists! Our audience is worldwide with readers in the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the United States. Also available as a full-colour digital download edition.

SPACE MONSTERS POSTER MAGAZINE is the brand NEW full colour magazine which folds out into a GIANT monster movie poster! Hosted by Boris the Vampire Space Bat, each issue includes fangtastic comic strips, awesome monster movie pics, super sci-fi TV shows, special film previews and much, much more!

back issues ad spacemonsters small version

SPACE MONSTERS MAGAZINE YOUTUBE CHANNEL is a channel for fans of classic sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies and television — with an emphasis on scary monsters, B-movies and sexy space babes!

SPACE MONSTERS KIDZ is a channel for Monster Kidz aged 6 – 60…and beyond! The channel specialises in family sci-fi and monster movie entertainment featuring cartoons, movies, trailers, superhero TV shows and more.

spacemonsterskidzyoutubelogo NEW





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