About Us

The Classic Horror Campaign was set up to persuade the BBC to bring back their iconic Saturday night classic horror double bills which were so popular on television in the seventies and early eighties. We host a regular series of classic horror double bill screenings in London at the Roxy Bar & Screen and organised the hugely successful Frighten Brighton Classic Horror Film Festival in the south coast city of Brighton in 2012. We aim to continue celebrating cult films and bringing classic horror to the masses!

Richard Gladman

Richard Gladman (AKA Cyberschizoid) hails from sunny Brighton and is the brains behind the campaign to bring back classic horror to television due to his love of these old films and cult cinema in general.  Richard has been published in Scream Horror Magazine, Mad Scientist, Shock Horror magazine and more. He has also been interviewed as a horror expert on BBC television as well as being featured in Rue Morgue magazine and on local radio. Richard also runs the Cyberschizoid blog which covers horror, science-fiction and cult movies, television and magazines as well as organising horror film screenings and events in the UK.

Richard’s other sites include: –

The Happy Zone


Frighten Brighton

Don’t forget to follow the Classic Horror Campaign updates and discussions everyday on Facebook and Twitter!

Cyberschizoid back from the dead Bram Stoker Fest 2012

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